Earthen Jailor

The World Can Burn With Me - First Chapter

Andy Merrick

Horror has a new Monster Within the smoke and toil of the new industrial century an unimaginable being has waited two thousand years for another chance to undo creation itself. God and Satan fear him. They fear he may slip his chains. Conspiring together they mean to help the Earthen Jailor defeat him well knowing they are gambling with the very keys to his freedom.

Henry Joseph and his beautiful family believe they are leaving their London home for a new life and a new adventure in a far away land, unaware of the cards the universe is about to deal against them.

Henry's beautiful wife Anna can feel their unborn child inside her but her gift of visions scratches at her subconscious as she feels the terrible darkness closing on them. Anna may lose her husband, she may lose her baby, she may lose everything.

As the eternal forces gather to revel in their conflict, Henry and his family will have to fight for their very existence and ultimately... we may all have to pay the final price.
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